Door Bell Sound

In the movies or on TV, the sound of a doorbell is pretty much the same. That familiar "ding dong" is one we have happy associations with and one we like in our own doorbells when the time comes for you to buy your own home. But if you have the opportunity to pick the sound that you will come to associate with visitors at the door, you might want to give it some thought. The variety of chimes that are available in commercial doorbells these days is pretty wide and you can find one to suit your tastes and one that you will enjoy living with for many years to come.

When you visit friends and neighbors, you may notice the different kinds of chimes that you hear when you ring that front bell. Its good to think about how you feel about the different varieties of chimes that are available especially if you are going to pick out a new sound for your own door bell. Of course, we know that rarely does a doorbell actually ring a real bell or strike real chimes. The sound is digitized and part of the diodes of the doorbell workings.

You may have the opportunity to sample various tones when you are picking out a new sound for your doorbell. Some chimes incorporate a few bars of a popular song. This could be cute or it might get down right irritating to listen to month after month every time someone rings the doorbell. So if you can preview the sound of your doorbell, it will be sound you will hear often so its better if it is a chime that you can live with and even like to hear.

Customizing the doorbell might be a good line item to include on your home purchase checklist. If you are in the home buying market and you are attending a lot of open houses and seeing existing homes with the help of a realtor, you have a checklist of things to look for to determine which house to place an offer on. Your list may include the size of the kitchen, the condition of the carpet and the landscaping outside. But you might add to your checklist to step outside and ring the doorbell.

Your realtor might think you are crazy but the doorbell becomes part of your lifestyle. First of all, if the doorbell is not working, you want to have that on the repair list for the existing owner to fix. But you can include in the stipulations of your bid that you want the doorbell replaced at the owner's expense. This is a perfect opportunity to get a new doorbell put in and to get one with a chime that you really like. And even if the realtor thinks you are crazy, you aren't. You are just maintaining your high standard for your quality of life even down to the smaller details such as the sound of the doorbell each time a visitor comes to call.